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Christmas Gift Guide | 8 EDC Essentials

EDC items are ideal for stocking stuffers but finding the right gift can be a challenge. We are dedicated to helping you pick something either for yourself or someone else so go ahead and check out these 8 items that truly represent EDC essentials. 1 – James Brand Folsom Knife James Brand designed a tough and …

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7 Huckberry EDC Essentials Mush-Haves

Men prefer to have functional accessories that perform when needed and are good looking. There are many things you can include in your Huckberry EDC essentials list, but today, we have decided to add 7 items a man shouldn’t leave the house without. Be prepared for whatever life throws at you and don’t miss a …

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14 Back To School Essentials

September is here and it means students are heading back to the dorm and starting another school year. Whether you’re freshmen or not, you’re going to need new things for the dorm, campus, and studying. We decided to help you out and make a list of affordable options. Check it out below: STUDYING 1 – …

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Keysmart Compact EDC Kit


If you’ve got an EDC kit, and you don’t have a multitool included in it, then you have sorely missed the point of EDC and it’s time to get brushed up. You never know when you need a certain tool, and you don’t have it. Thankfully for us, some people who understand the need, created …

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BRNLY SlingPop


If you think back to your childhood years, we can guarantee that you were outside exploring the world around you. You also got up to various forms of mischief for entertainment. Of course, as a source of hours of endless fun and the occasional broken window, you always had a slingshot in your arsenal. However, …

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Thunder Knife | 5-in-1 Survival Knife


We all know that as a man, an essential EDC item is a decent knife. It should always be on your belt, or in your pocket. It’s not only an essential survival item, but it is an item that you will use on a daily basis. It’s even better when said knife is a survival …

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Ironwood Knife | By Santa Fe Stoneworks


One thing that every man should have as an EDC (Everyday Carry Essential) is a knife. You never know when you need to cut something, or even if you might find yourself in a survival situation. However, why not have something that adds style to you! Introducing the Ironwood Knife by Santa Fe Stoneworks! Stylish, …

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SOG Knives | Sync II Belt Buckle Multitool


We have seen EDC (Everday Carry) tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have also featured quite a few of them here. However, it would seem that there is no end to ingenuity. SOG Knives has long been known for their quality tools, but the Sync II Belt Buckle Multitool truly stands …

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Hitch And Timber Leather EDC Notebook Holder


Hailing from Maryland, USA, Hitch And Timber is a company that produces high-quality leather goods. In their offer, you can find a variety of products, from wallets, keychains, notebooks, travel and EDC cases. Today, we’re talking about their awesome and stylish looking EDC Notebook Holder. This wallet for your notebook is handcrafted and made from leather. To be …

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Readyman EDC Defense Tool


There’s some pretty impressive EDC gadgets out there, but none that really specialize in self-defense. That, however, has changed, thanks to Readyman. Not only is this tool functional, but it was also designed by a Navy SEAL and a Krav Maga expert. This means that it was specifically manufactured to deter attackers. Introducing the Readyman …

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