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7 Huckberry EDC Essentials Mush-Haves

Men prefer to have functional accessories that perform when needed and are good looking. There are many things you can include in your Huckberry EDC essentials list, but today, we have decided to add 7 items a man shouldn’t leave the house without. Be prepared for whatever life throws at you and don’t miss a …

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Essential EDC Kit | By Huckberry


For those of you who don’t know it, EDC stands for Every Day Carry. Now that we cleared that up, you probably know what we’re gonna talk about next. That’s right, the crew over at Huckberry built their own Essential EDC Kit and it’s extremely useful. This practical and highly functional kit includes the following: Split Key …

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Nitecore SRT3 ‘Defender’ | 550 Lumens Flashlight With Rechargeable Battery

from $66|

Every camper, urban and end of the world survivalist needs a powerful and reliable flashlight. The SRT3 ‘Defender’ by Nitecore is one of the most reliable flashlights currently on the market. Very light and small, but powerful, this flashlight could really come in handy as an everyday carry object. This flashlight has a wide span of features, …

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Phonster is a completely different way for guys to carry their essential items, in a fashion similar to that of shoulder pistol holsters. If you ever wanted to try carrying a shoulder pistol holster because of its amazing appearance, now you can do so without freaking people out, because Phonster is designed to help you …

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When on the prowl for a compact bag for the stuff which have to be with you at all times, then compactness is the name of the game. And why shouldn’t it be? Instead of carrying a larger, half’empty bag, you can opt for a smaller one, filled to the brim with the things that …

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