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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless In-Ear Headphones


For the ultimate listening experience, Bang & Olufsen designed Beoplay H5, wireless earphones that deliver great sound quality. Those of you leading an active life and that are constantly on the go will be especially excited with these high-quality headphones without the wires. Beoplay H5 feature a tough cord made from braided textile. The earbuds are very breathable, durable and …

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Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Jaybird developed X2, a micro-sized Wireless Bluetooth Headphone, designed to give the ultimate audio performance. These headphones are compatible with any Bluetooth device and come with a lifetime warranty against sweat. They also have a Patented Secure Fit, to give you the best comfort while wearing them. You charge them via USB and the battery can last …

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Audio equipment malfunctions caused by a simple splash of water can ruin a perfect day at the beach, unless you equip yourself with the ultimate water resistant audio gear, such as the Swimbuds Sport & Underwater Audio iPod bundle. This audio bundle will make sure that you never have to worry about water damaging your headphones …

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As we all know, even the most advanced wireless Bluetooth speakers are not truly cordless –although Bluetooth technology does away with the wires connecting the set to your phone, player or iPad, there’s still that one cable running from the left to the right earbud. Well, that’s about to change – when we say Earin …

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Looking for highly functional ear-buds that offer outstanding sound quality and comfortable fit but you don’t want to overspend? Then you’d better check out the SE215, by Shure, a well-known producer of audio equipment. High bass quality, sound isolating design and replaceable cable are just some of the SE215’s cool features that will certainly make your …

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Shure is the renowned American company that’s been producing audio-electronics for almost a century, and their products’ quality is unquestionable. Shure’s newest product are the sound isolating headphones named the SE846. The first thing someone notices is probably the price. Namely, the price of $999 for in-ear headphones is surely not common and there are …

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from $299|

Dash is the world’s first smart in-ear headphone that does things no one has ever seen headphones do. In addition to this, it is small, comfortable and just beautiful. First of all, headphones need to be about music. Well, Dash has moved a step further. It provides a very secure fit and thus are very comfortable …

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Is it possible for in-ear headphones to be reasonably priced at $725 on Amazon? Can they be that good and worth that kind of money? Looking at the Sennheiser IE 800, we have to say – YES. These headphones are for real sound lovers, but the design was not forgotten. First of all, they are very …

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We have already featured the classically elegant headphones designed by a Romanian company Meze, and, since we liked their products so much, we have decided to show you their premium earphones. If you are not too fond of headphones and the heavy feeling you get when wearing them, Meze has earphones that are sure to …

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