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6 Useful Tips To Help You Prevent Road Accidents

Every year, road accidents cost the United States billions of dollars in property damage, medical expenses, and lost productivity. In addition, they claim the lives of tens of thousands of people. While no one solution can prevent all road accidents, practicing safe driving habits can help reduce the number of these tragic events. This article …

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Veemo Velomobile | By VeloMetro

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About 60% of people living in the big cities say that they would like to pedal more to avoid the traffic jams, but they say that bicycles aren’t the most reliable means of transportation. Bikes get stolen easily and you’re exposed to the elements riding them. Car sharing is a good alternative but it’s still …

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Ono Archont Elektro Bicycle


This Harley Davidson looking electric bike will take your riding experience to a new level. Ono Bikes’ Archont Electro is an easy rider-style electric bicycle that almost 10′ long. The first thing we see is a smooth and elegant design. With it’s low-riding spring seat and the design it looks like a motorbike, but what’s …

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Electric powered vehicles are gaining a lot of popularity, which you may have noticed because we tend to feature a lot of them here on We’ve come across a new one, it’s called the BESV PS1 Electric Bike. At first glance, this electric bike seems like a regular bike with a modern design, but …

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