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New Hotel With A Rainforest To Be Opened In Dubai

With all the amazing constructions in Dubai, it’s hard to get surprised when we hear about something new. This desert city will get a new hotel in 2018- the five-star Rosemont Hotel & Residences designed by ZAS Architects. If it was a typical five-star hotel in Dubai, we wouldn’t be so thrilled about it, but …

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World Drone Prix | The World’s First International Drone Racing

Drones have taken the world by storm. We remember that a few years ago they had just started up and were still shrouded in obscurity. But, just as we had seen the evolution of other tech progress, drones progressed incredibly as well. So much so that drone racing is now classed as an official sport …

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First of all, the people from the hotel or the company have never said the Burj al Arab is a seven-star hotel, mostly due to the fact that there is no such a thing as a seven-star rating. The highest official rating is Five-Star Deluxe, and this is the rating that the Burj al Arab …

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‘Switch’ Restaurant Lounge in Dubai by Karim Rashid

You can like or dislike Karim Rashid’s work, sing praises about him or criticize him, call him ingenious or “a stylist who tries too hard” (the source of this statement will remain nameless on purpose), but you certainly cannot deny the fact that this iconic designer and artist has the unmistakable style. To us, his …

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