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Matador Droplet XL Dry Bag


We’ve written about Matador a few times now and they keep surprising us with their super cool tiny but useful items. This time, it’s Matador Droplet XL Dry Bag, the fully waterproof bag that can come in handy if you’re going to the beach, traveling or doing watersports. Just like the rest of Matador products, it …

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Dry Bag Cooler | By Kawartha Outdoor


Doesn’t matter if you’re camping, if you’re just chilling with some mates, or you’re having a barbecue, you’re going to need keep those brews cold. Well, what better way than to keep them icy-cool with the Dry Bag Cooler by Kawartha Outdoor? The Dry Bag is a spectacular cooler; unique, durable, and guaranteed to keep …

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