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Everbuying Scorcher Summer End Of June Sale

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With prices dropped up to 79%, it would be crazy not to go and take a look! We are all familiar with the great products at ridiculous prices that Everbuying has to offer. Now with their latest sale, the Summer Scorcher End of June Sale, they have dropped prices on a variety of electronic goods, …

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World Drone Prix | The World’s First International Drone Racing

Drones have taken the world by storm. We remember that a few years ago they had just started up and were still shrouded in obscurity. But, just as we had seen the evolution of other tech progress, drones progressed incredibly as well. So much so that drone racing is now classed as an official sport …

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Droneboarding | Snowboarding With A Drone (VIDEO)

People love sports and are constantly thinking of new ways to have fun, improve their skills and put modern day technology to the test. Since many of us don’t have the chance to go water skiing, especially at this time of the year, people have invented drone boarding. It’s a form of snowboarding where the …

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