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Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper


Osaka is a company with a strong belief that coffee is not just a drink or a commodity, but a specialty. We couldn’t agree more. This Pour-Over Coffee Dripper has everything necessary to home brew your coffee in the old-fashioned drip way. Let’s start with the construction. It has a stainless steel cone filter that helps …

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Yama Silverton Coffee Dripper


For those of you who’d like to make your own hot or cold brew the old-fashioned way, Yama Silverton Coffee Dripper is the right choice. It’ll make you experience the full flavor of your favourite coffee beans and will look great on almost any kitchen shelf. The bottom beaker has a capacity of 18.5oz, which is good enough …

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We just love the wonderful trend of coffee making going all retro and reclaiming its spot as the favourite slow-paced relaxing activity for many people. If you are on a constant quest of making your cup of java as delicious as possible in the old-fashioned drip way, we suggest you get a coffee drip decanter …

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