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Drift Triking Starter’s Guide

Usually we think of trikes (tricycles) as something that you get a 3-year-old for his birthday but Drift Triking takes things to the next level and it definitely isn’t for kids. Drift triking is thought to originate in New Zealand and then to have spread through Australia, Europe and America in 2011 when the American …

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Razor DXT Downhill Drift Trike


When you hear the word Trike, you automatically think “well, that’s something kids are often playing with”, and you are right, well, at least most of the time. This Trike, however, is a very serious, grown-up toy. We present you Razor DXT Drift Trike, made for extreme downhill rides that’ll take you to your limits.  Unlike …

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The market of innovative transportation modes seems to be growing at an unabated pace each day, and though electric bikes have been around for quite a while now, there’s a new cycle on the block that’s looking to change the way we perceive and use our beloved two-wheelers. Meet Chop-E, an Estonian chopper-style e-cycle that …

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Big Wheel Drift Trikes By SFD Industries are SO MUCH FUN


Remember those bygone happy-go-lucky times when you were just a curious bubbly kid pedaling around the hood on your tricycle in the quest for adventures to the best Dennis-the-Menace scale? Well, now you can actually evoke those days of childlike wonder and escapades as a brand-new adult tricycle model has finally arrived and is ready …

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