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Gate | The World’s First All-In-One Connected Smart Lock


Safety is a major priority for most people these days. Thankfully, due to some amazing technological innovations, and the evolution of said technology, safety is becoming easier, and for lack of a better word, secure. So, if you were wondering what a state-of-the-art lock looks like, then meet Gate! Gate is easy to install, features …

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August Doorbell Cam


August products are made to keep your home secured and protected. August Doorbell Cam is just like that since it enables you to always know who’s in front of your door. August Doorbell Cam uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your smartphone, so as soon as someone rings the bell, you will be alerted. Then you can …

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Today’s doorbells are definitely not what they used to be. The old-fashioned buzzing and clicking things are now replaced with smart, hi-tech devices that do much more than just create sound when pressed. Like The Ring Video Doorbell, produced by the eponymous company in California. Believe it or not, this is a Wi-Fi enabled doorbell …

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