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How to Choose a Suitable Dive Light

When you plan to take your next dive, you’ll need a light that can illuminate the underwater environment to explore its depths safely. But with so many lights on the market today, it might be difficult to find the right one for your needs. In this blog post, we will guide you through choosing a …

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Finclip | Click-on Flipper Bindings

from $45|

There’s nothing quite like scuba diving; the ocean engulfs us in her mysteries as we enter a world that seems like a completely different dimension. In this oceanic dimension, creatures dwell that surpass the human imagination. However, getting your gear on can be a real hassle. Thanks to the Finclip, putting your flippers on has …

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Ameo Powerbreather | A Revolutionary Snorkel


If you ever used snorkel, you know how difficult it is sometimes to breathe using one. Ameo Powerbreather will make that experience much better since it will provide you with optimum oxygen levels, no matter how long you’re in the water. This is great for swimming, diving and triathlon. Ameo Powerbreather is developed using a special and innovative …

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If you need a watch, whether it is a quartz or a mechanical one, Seiko is the place to go. The Spring Drive watches became available worldwide in 2005 and all their fans can now enjoy them wherever they live. One of the newest watches from this collection is the SBDB009 – Seiko Prospex MarineMaster …

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Summertime calls for good times at beaches and very pleasant and enjoyable water sports activities and if you happen to be a fan of diving, whether you’re a recreational or professional diver, its important to have the right gear for the job. This is why we are going to show you a gadget which will …

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If you’re a recreational diver sick and tired of mainstream gear and you simply will not settle with the average fin designs out there, we have a piece of good news for you today: with Speedo Nemesis Fins, your every dive will become an unfolding adventure into the unknown sea world like you’ve never experienced before. …

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