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PanLights | Driftwood Sculptures And Lamps

Today we’re talking about PanLights, a series of lamps and sculptures dedicated to nature and its fairy beings. They are a creative product of a Slovenian artist Javor Skerlj Vogelnik who found his main inspiration by spending time in the forests, mountains, and lakes. The main philosophy behind PanLights is to connect with the basic elements …

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Spaceship LED Mini Touch Table Lamp | By Generic


Multifunctional products are taking over the market, and that’s very reasonable since it gives you a bit of a James Bond feeling. An example of such a multifunctional device that also looks pretty cool is the Spaceship Creative Design LED Mini Touch Table Lamp. This lamp is designed to look like a spaceship during blastoff when …

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Satechi is becoming quite known for its awesome gadgets and other tech products, which is exactly why we are going to show you another awesome one. The Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp deserves a lot of attention due to its amazing minimal design and lighting settings for every situation imaginable. Because this is an LED desk …

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Have you ever wondered why smartphone displays, high resolution TV sets, smart monitors and other hi-tech screens render images and videos in more engaging contrast, softer tones and better illumination? The reason for the premium quality of image reproduction on most state-of-the-art screens lies in just four letters: OLED (that’s organic light emitting diodes for …

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