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Honey Soles | The Best Way To Wear Your Shoes Without Socks


Even though most of us probably never really think about it, our feet and their health is an extremely important aspect of our bodies. We all also know how much shoes can stink when you don’t wear socks but sometimes, socks are uncomfortable. Luckily for us, Honey Soles changes everything about how we wear our …

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The furniture designers of today are getting more innovative by the day, especially in their choice of materials. Take Jasper Morrison, for example, and the range of stools he designed for the brand Vitra called Cork Family. This is a refreshingly simple and charmingly quirky yet robustly built set of three stools made from solid …

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Recycling is very important nowadays, having in mind the pollution and the impact it has on our planet. We witness many imaginative recycled products, but these cork surfboards are about to take your breath away. Whether you are personally a surf addict, you simply love water and beach, or, at least, if you are female, …

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