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If you want to welcome 2015 spring and summer outings well-prepared gear-wise, you may be interested in this little piece of cooling goodness: successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter a while ago, IceMule cooler will keep your drinks and food optimally chilled on your outdoor roamings without adding extra bulk to your luggage. And how does it …

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If you are contemplating buying a cooler, getting one named Yeti couldn’t possibly be a bad choice. The name alone suggests this is the right stuff that will keep your food and beverages properly refrigerated for a long time. Yeti Hopper is a portable cooler, ideal for camping, trekking, hiking, playing golf or enjoying a …

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Finding a quality cooler that’s really outstanding all around may not be an easy task – all those specifications to bear in mind, you need to compare the prices, make sure you don’t forget to check warranty lists, ask about potential crashing risks and likelihood of lengthy repairs, inquire about odds of unexpected malfunctioning on …

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