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ChefsTalk Knife | Made From 60 Layers of Damascus Steel

125+ euros|

Today we’re talking about a Kickstarter project now being funded that will be interesting to both cooking enthusiasts and cooking professionals. It’s a ChefsTalk Knife crafted by Germancut. Creating a perfect chef’s knife is hard. You need to make it from the highest quality materials and create it with both function and design in mind. Luckily, these folks …

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Cut Throat Knives X Starward | Limited Edition Bunka Style Chef Knife


We just love when two great brands team up to create an awesome product. That’s exactly the case with this Limited Edition Bunka Style Chef Knife. This quality knife is a result of a collaboration between Cut Throat Knives and Starward, an Australian whiskey distillery. The philosophy behind this collaboration was to create a high-quality knife that will incorporate …

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Ka-Bar Tactical Spork


Whenever you have the word tactical, it makes everything sound awesome. That certainly does include the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork, that you should definitely not leave at home while out an about. Compact, durable and easy to use, the Ka-Bar is, essentially, a survival tool. At first glance, it only looks like a spork, but the …

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Victorinox Ceramic Carving Knife


If you need a sharp and reliable knife, going with ceramic knives is always a good idea. Victorinox is well known for crafting high-quality knives and if you’re a person who loves to cook and does it often than you should check out their Ceramic Carving Knife. Whether you’re carving roasted meat, deboning chicken or chopping veggies, …

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The Cook Sharp chef’s knife by Misen is exactly what you need to let your creative juices run wild while preparing a tasty home-cooked meal. Having good cooking pots and pans is also something that might help you, but all of them are secondary to a good and reliable chef’s knife. Every inch of the knife was …

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When preparing for a longer camping trip it’s very important that you pack cooking gear along with other necessities. A compact stove, gas or wood powered, is a must have but you also got to bring knives. The only problem with packing cooking knives is that they are too bulky, and it usually ends up being just one …

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