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Inspiring Coffee Table Books (Part 2)

Last week we started off with the list of inspiring coffee table books. After finding so many great editions we wanted to share with you, we decided to make a sequel and bring you more ideas. Check them out below. 1 – Humans of New York We are starting with one of the most popular coffee …

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Duffy London Abyss Horizon Table

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Duffy London Abyss Horizon Table is a new addition to an ocean-inspired collection. We’ve seen the fantastic Abyss design before but now it comes in a circular shape, emphasizing the depths of the ocean. While being very functional as a coffee table, Abyss Horizon is for sure a conversation piece. It’s an item that will attract the attention of …

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Wave City Coffee Table | Inspired By The Movie ‘Inception’


If you like interesting furniture designs or you’re into movie collectibles, make sure to check out this awesome coffee table. The Wave City Cofee Table was inspired by the Academy Award-winning movie Inception, and if you’ve seen it, you definitely remember the city bending scene. The movie is all about altering and controlling the mind, …

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When it comes to coffee table designs, we are constantly under the impression that we have seen everything there is to be seen and that there is nothing new or fresh out there. We are proven wrong again. This time around, it is an Italian designer Alessandro Isola who is proving us wrong with his …

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If you are a fan of contemporary, minimalist interior decoration, and have been spending ages looking for the perfect coffee table that would fit like a glove with the rest of your furniture, search no more – Tonin Casa has designed just the thing for you – KOS coffee table. KOS coffee table is inspired …

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You are probably constantly on the prowl for that perfect coffee table that is pretty, big and functional enough, and yet practical, sturdy and timeless. West Elm might have something right up your alley – rustic coffee table. Don’t be fooled by the word ‘rustic’ in the title. This wonderfully useful table is contemporary enough …

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