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Casio G-Shock | The Gulfmaster


Casio has long been known for the brilliantly tough watches in their G-Shock series, this includes their latest, the Casio G-Shock GWN-Q1000-1A, but it’s better known by its other name, The Gulfmaster! Super tough, exceptionally accurate, professionally seaproof, The Gulfmaster was built for the men who try to tame the heart of the ocean! Featuring …

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Breitling Emergency | Luxury Watch Collection


When it comes to quality in watchmaking, Breitling is definitely one of the names that you would consider. Their latest collection, the Breitling Emergency Collection comes with a variety of top-of-the-line watches that are simply glorious. The name, Breitling Emergency, comes from the fact that it is the only wristwatch in the world that comes …

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Puredial Square Legacy | 1860’s Inspired Watch Collection


When it comes to the world of watches, uniquity is always a desirable trait. Well, exactly that can be said for the Puredial Square Legacy Watch Collection. Inspired by designs from the 1860’s and modernly revolutionized. These watches are the perfect amalgamation of old school style with modern tech. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. Puredial Watches …

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Timex Aviator Fly-Back Chronograph


When it comes to watches, Timex is a common name. Their latest, the Timex Aviator Chronograph definitely stands as a testament to quality and style. A combination of timeless design and innovative thinking, the Timex Chronograph will never let you miss a second. The case itself is constructed out of stainless steel and features a classic …

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Raidillon | Timeless 42 Chronograph


Raidillon has made a name for themselves by creating limited edition timepieces like no other. They exude class, style and a sense of personality of their own and their latest, the Raidillon Timeless 42 Chronograph brings us a mixture of modern style with a touch of old school classic. It truly is timeless. Coming from …

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Breitling has a knack for making spectacular chronographs and they’re not intending to relinquish this reputation. This is precisely why every next Breitling chronograph has that something which sets it apart from the rest. The Breitling Superocean M2000 Chronograph is the latest and best when it comes to water resistance and craftsmanship. The Superocean is equipped …

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Breitling has announced their first connected chronograph and, unlike many other companies whose smartwatches are used simply as an extension of your phone, their new chronograph will make your smartphone work for it. It is called Breitling B55 Connected and it is an electronic multifunction chronograph with analogue and digital displays which is primarily aimed at aviators and the aspiring …

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Ok, we all know it – when you want to buy a decent watch that both looks good, promises years’ long service and also packs a handful of practical features, you’d better shop around, compare the prices and pick the most functional one that fits in your budget. Also, any genuine timepiece connoisseur will advise …

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The Jacob Jensen Chronograph 601 brings to you outstanding practicality in a minimalist nutshell. Fashioned by the renowned Danish industrial designer. The analog timepiece is enclosed in a 10 millimeter titanium case, its diameter at slightly over 37 millimeters, with the Swiss Ronda movement. It also contains a date teller and stopwatch on the face of …

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