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Jebiga Finds Of The Week

We wouldn’t want you to miss a thing this week. This is why we are dedicating this article to new and trending lifestyle items. Check out our Finds Of The Week list below. 1 – Hub Grill By Everdure This week everyone is talking about the Hub Grill. It’s packed with plenty of useful features like its ability …

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Terra! | The Grass Armchair


Furniture design undergoes constant innovation. The perfect example is Terra! – a grass armchair that was successfully funded on Kickstarter just a few days ago. Terra! armchair helps you stay in touch with nature in addition to it having a sustainable approach. It can grow in your backyard and garden and apart for sitting, it can become a part …

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Boeing 737 Cowling Chair

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Furniture design never stops to amaze us. Fallen Furniture is a company from England that brings another innovative design to a seemingly simple piece of furniture such as the chair. What’s so brilliant about the Boeing 737 Cowling Chair is that it’s actually made from the engine cowling of this airplane model. The chair looks very luxurious. …

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Toro Lounge Chair


Toro Lounge Chair is a simple and comfortable piece of furniture that can be a great addition to your living space. This chair is created by Blu Dot, a company first started in 1997 by three college friends that wanted to make useful and modern home furnishings and accessories. Toro Lounge Chair has a solid natural …

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Suzak Chair | By QSTO


Suzak is a unique, modern design chair that’s versatile and comfortable. It was created by three guys at QSTO, led by the idea that chairs don’t evolve and adapt to the lifestyle we live by today. This evolved simple chair will flex and adapt to your body, giving you the feeling like you’re floating. It …

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A research has revealed that we spend, on average, 99,117 hours at work during our lifetime. Considering this fact, furniture manufacturers have been bending over in trying to produce desks and chairs that will make those long, arduous office hours easier to bear. If they only read the newest research about how much standing while …

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Sleeping on the job might be a tad bit easier with Office Chair Bed. It looks just like a regular office chair. But, you can fold this seemingly ordinary chair so that is lays flat, and have decent place to sleep in if you are spending all night at the job. The manufacturer even added …

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There are a lot of outdoor and camping enthusiasts out there, who are thrilled that camping season is finally here so they can have fun far away from their hectic, every day lives. However, there is still one thing that all campers, and people who travel a lot, dislike and that is packing. Because of …

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Everybody experiences trouble with arranging furniture in their living or work place at some point in time. This happens more often to people whose living and work place is somewhat limited and enjoy having friends over. It is because of this reason that many talented designers are coming up with various ways to tackle this …

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You all know how horrible it feels to sit all day, and then finally get up. Not a good feeling at all, you’ll agree. All that sitting can be an awful strain on your back muscles and torso, and if you often work longer than regular hours, you might soon face the hard realization that …

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