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Electric Car Chargers – Your Simplified Buyer’s Guide

If you own or are thinking of purchasing an electric car, I’m sure you’re aware of the need to also buy EVSE (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment). An EVSE is simply, a piece of equipment which will allow you to connect your car to a high powered volt energy source so that it can charge. Typically …

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Schneider Electric EV230WS EVlink Electric Car Charging Station


Unique, powerful and easy-to-use are what comes to mind with this EVSE. Schneider Electric has brilliantly thought of customizing the look of their unit to suit your style; with over 600 designs you can choose to customize how your EVlink looks or, if you prefer, you can simply send them a photo and they will …

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1Byone 3-Port USB Car Charger With Smart IC Chip


1Byone 3-Port USB Car Charger will make sure all your portable devices are charged quickly and efficiently. It’s made from top-grade aluminum alloy, has safety protection features and a very compact design. This car charger has a maximum output of DC 5V 7.2A. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Android Smartphone, GPS, Pads and …

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Manzanita Micro P3 Personal Power Port


Apart from all the fantastic features that we will shortly outline, we believe that it’s important to firstly say that if you live in Washington State and buy the P3 Personal Power Port through the official Manzanita Micro website, they will completely reimburse you with the sales tax if you send them your tax exemption …

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Leviton EVB32-M8L EVR-Green 320 Electric Car Charging Station


With reliability, safety, durability and ease of use in mind, the Leviton EVR-Green 320 Charging Station has hit the mark in all of those categories. This unit can be ordered with either hardwire or with the addition of the Leviton EVK05 installation kit, you can have a much simpler and easy plug-in solution. Whichever option …

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General Electric WattStation Car Charger


If you’re looking for an EVSE that will look good on your wall, has a good name and will simply exude class without breaking the bank, then the WattStation by General Electric is just the charger that you need. With ease of use included in the design, the GE WattStation uses a simple NEMA 6-50P …

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10 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations On The Market Today

from $499|

Finally we are seeing a massive rise in electric vehicles; apart from the almost household name Tesla Motors, we also posted earlier about the FFZERO1 concept car by Faraday Future that just goes to show that electric can be just as powerful and fun as any gasoline consuming car. They are better for the environment, …

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Zus | Smart Car Charger And Locator


If you ever found yourself in a situation where you parked your car somewhere, and later forgot where exactly it was, then you know that can be a real problem. To ensure that never happens again, Zus is a smart device that not only locates your car, but can also charges your phone. With 4.5 …

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In the vast sea of car accessories the Satechi 5-USB Port 12V Car Socket Extender splitter is a ‘must have’. While it may be an unlikely accessory, it is surely the unsung hero in the modern road trip or long haul drive. Because, while you may have all those nifty electronic devices you can plug into …

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There are many cool energy bricks out there that can top up your vital electronics on the fly, but what if your car gets a flat battery and needs a jump start now and then? Sorry to inform you, mate, but none of these battery packs can help you there, however much power they may …

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