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The Rocket Grinder | An All-In-One MJ Grinder


When it comes to preparing Marijuana for edibles, smoking or vaping, a grinder is a necessity; it allows for decent smoking, or vaporization, since it allows your herb to burn evenly. However, when it comes to the world of grinders, we have never seen something like this. The Rocket Grinder is a multi-functional grinder and …

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The 420 Gourmet | The Elevated Art Of Cannabis Cuisine


The US and, indeed, the rest of the world has started to completely reform the views that we have about the highly therapeutic and medicinal herb called cannabis. There are many benefits that cannabis use delivers and, if you are against smoking it which is totally understandable, you can always make your own edibles. Luckily …

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Imagine growing pot in your living room. A few years ago that would have been not only impossible, but also quite illegal. Thankfully, times have changed (in some parts of the world at least), and technology is quick to follow suit. A prime example of this is the Leaf, the first ever Plug N’ Plant …

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In order to escape the consequences of every day stress and tension, many people have resorted to practicing yoga regularly. There are many types of yoga to choose from: ananda, anusara, ashtnaga, bikram, hatha and many many more. The one we are going to discuss here is a most peculiar combination; the intentional pairing of …

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