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Although Canada might not be the first thing that pops to one’s mind when top travel choices are discussed, this country is dreamlike destination for many. Its spectacular natural beauty, well-preserved environment, diverse climate, three oceans, vast mountain ranges and over two million lakes are good enough reasons to visit it. The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort …

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10 Tips for Your First Trip to Canada

For those embarking on their first voyage to Canada, the prospect can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. As one of the world’s largest countries boasting a rich cultural heritage, varied natural wonders, and bustling metropolises with endless opportunities for exploration – preparation is essential before undertaking this journey northwards towards “the great white North.” If …

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High House | An Elevated Landscape House In Quebec

Delordinaire architects created a private residence in Quebec that is elevated from the ground and stands on its structure. Even though this type of construction is usually seen in buildings located near the water in order to prevent flooding, High House creates a protected ground floor area and provides brilliant views of the snowy environment. …

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Free Spirit Spheres In British Columbia


Nestled in a forest on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, you’ll find Free Spirit Spheres. They provide a unique natural retreat that allows you to reconnect with the peaceful surrounding while staying in a suspended orb. According to Tom Chudleigh, the mastermind behind it, staying in one of these spheres should be on everybody’s bucket list. Free …

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Micro Cabin | By Larocque Elder Architects

A while ago we wrote about a minimalistic reading cabin in upstate New York. There’s one more like it, perfect for relaxing, enjoying nature and taking a break in a cozy atmosphere. Micro Cabin is located in Ontario and stands in harmony with the environment surrounding it. Micro Cabin has only 98 square feet and is situated …

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Flat-Packed Cabins From The Backcountry Hut Company


Inspired by the IKEA philosophy of creating affordable and good-looking products, Canadian Backcountry Hut Company started producing flat-packed cabins for outdoor enthusiasts. Besides the great design, the best part is that it allows residents to build the cabin for themselves. You get all the parts of the cabin and then proceed to assemble it on the …

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Enough House | A Contemporary Addition To An Old Nova Scotia Farm

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Enough House is the latest addition to an old farm in Nova Scotia. The location is both beautiful and historic. It overlooks the Atlantic Sea and is nestled between an 1880 Troop barn and an 1830 Chebogue school house. Enough House is designed by Mackay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects. In contrast to the style of two previous structures, this one …

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Fahouse | By Jean Verville

We are thrilled to show you another beautiful house nestled in a forest, looking almost like it’s coming from a fairytale. Fahouse is designed by Jean Verville and is located in Quebec, Canada. With its double triangular prism, Fahouse is nothing like a traditional house. From one side it looks like two separate houses and from the other …

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Molson Canadian’s #AnythingForHockey Campaign

We all know how popular hockey is in Canada. Molson Canadian did something you don’t see often. As part of the 2016 #anythingforhockey campaign, they decided to put a custom-built ice rink on top of a 32 storey building located in Toronto. The rink is suitable for smaller, three-on-three games. The size is approximately half the size of …

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Best Budget Ski Resorts Around The World

The time’s right for winter sports, so if you still haven’t chosen your skiing destination, we’re here to help. We have prepared a list of ski resorts from around the world to save you some time searching for the most affordable options. Find the perfect place for your ski vacation on a budget, then gear …

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