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Space Station Tent | By Mountain Hardwear


If you’re planning to go on a high-altitude expedition, you need to prepare everything and plan ahead. The main thing is setting up a basecamp and the Space Station Tent by Mountain Hardwear would make a perfect operations center or dining hall. It’s dome-shaped, and it has a floor area of 284 square feet, which …

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Turtleback Off-Road Trailer

from $9,995|

If you’re into camping and outdoor exploration, but RVs are too big for your taste or simply way out of your financial reach, Turtleback Off-road Trailer may just hit your sweet spot. Dave Munsterman is a name behind the Turtleback Trailers, a company that specializes in creating durable and easily transportable camping trailers. When Dave …

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Saltwater Powered Hydra Light Lantern


Hydra Light PL-500 was created as an alternative to current portable lighting designs that use replaceable batteries. And there’s a very good reason behind it. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 180,000 tons of batteries are thrown away in America each year. The idea was to cut down the waste and the hassle and make a lantern that …

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Gerber Back Paxe II High Performance Axe


We have something great you can take to your next outdoor adventure. Gerber Back Paxe II High Performance Axe is small and almost indestructible. This mighty axe is made to be tough and provide you with the best performance. The axe has a stainless steel head and a glass filled nylon handle. With a handle like …

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Cocoon Tent Treehouse | Man’s Outdoor Love Nest


If you like camping and spending time outdoors, you can now prolong your outdoor activities and make them a more enjoyable experience. The Cocoon Tent Treehouse is a beautifully designed treehouse tent that’s completely waterproof, very lightweight and also inexpensive. It can be set up in just two hours and once you get in there, …

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LifeStraw Steel | The New And Improved LifeStraw


The award-winning LifeStraw filter technology still has space for improvement. Following a few new features, LifeStraw Steel provides fresh and clean water wherever you find yourself without the use of batteries, pumping or waiting. What’s different about it is the new 2-stage filtration system and a durable steel body. LifeStraw Steell is designed for campers, hikers …

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Solight Solarpuff | Solar-Powered Lantern


Ìnspired by the principles of origami and wanting to help the people in need, Alice Min Soo Chun created a lightweight lantern. The main material this lantern uses is recyclable PET, which is durable in all sort of weather conditions. It’s environmentally-friendly and weighs only 2.3 ounces. The Solight Solarpuff is water resistant and doesn’t need extra …

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Waterproof Duffel | By Madwater


If you like the outdoors and the adventurous life and at the same time want to keep your clothes and gear safe and dry, the waterproof duffel bag by Madwater is for you. This duffel bag has a capacity of 30 liters and it’s water-resistant up to 15 feet (4,5 meters) underwater. Madwater is another exclusive brand …

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Biolite Limited Edition Black Campstove


We’ve mentioned BioLite Campstove recently in our Christmas Gift Guide for Camping and Survival – it’s an awesome piece of equipment for everyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. Now, after reaching their Kickstarter milestone and going completely carbon-free, the company has released a limited edition of the outdoor stove in carbon black color. Let us …

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2015 Christmas Gift Guide | Camping and Survival

We’re continuing with our Christmas Gift Guide series, and this time let us offer you some presents that you can get for a fellow camper. If you know such a person and don’t know what to get – or if you’re an avid camper or survivalist planning on treating yourself with something special this holiday …

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