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8 Camping Essentials For The Adventurous Soul

Camping gear is always improving and here at Jebiga, we love to cover interesting and necessary items for your next getaway. This is a list dedicated to Camping Essentials so feel free to check it out and find what you’re missing for this season. 1 – Primus Campfire Prep Set Whether you’re making a huge salad for …

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The Sierra Shack Tent | By Alite Designs


Pitching a tent can be very exhausting, especially if you arrive to the location tired and that’s the last thing on your mind. Alite Designs created a Sierra Shack Tent that’s super easy to set up, thanks to its pop-up design. The Sierra Shack Tent uses just one pole, in order to stabilize the tent. Basically, …

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Tent With Lightning Strike Protection | By Kama Jania

According to statistics, the chances of getting struck by lightning are rare. But what’s alarming is the fact that in 96% of times, this happens to people that are in open environments. This means campers, hikers, climbers or anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors should be very careful when the weather turns bad. Industrial …

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Cocoon Tent Treehouse | Man’s Outdoor Love Nest


If you like camping and spending time outdoors, you can now prolong your outdoor activities and make them a more enjoyable experience. The Cocoon Tent Treehouse is a beautifully designed treehouse tent that’s completely waterproof, very lightweight and also inexpensive. It can be set up in just two hours and once you get in there, …

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MSR Flylite | 2-Person Trekking Pole Tent


Having a good tent is the key for successful camping.  MSR Flylite is a minimalist backpacking tent that takes advantage of tracking poles you already have with you, to make pitching the tent easier. It uses standard trekking poles and is ideal for hikers and backpackers who already carry them. You’ll be surprised just how …

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