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Woodsman’s Pal | From Garrett Wade


First words that come to mind when you take Woodman’s Pal in your hand are: this is made to be used. It represents a combination of a machete and an axe, perfect for trimming and clearing bushes or cutting entangled vines. It will provide a feeling that you have a mighty multi-tool attached to your body. …

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NEW! Opinel No. 12 Explore | A Survival Knife, Firesteel, Whistle And Gut-hook


Opinel is a company that makes various high-quality outdoor tools and knives. If you’re looking for a knife for trekking, hunting, fishing, and survival expeditions, look no further, Opinel No. 12 Explore is a new and great choice. Probably its most important quality is its versatility. It can be used as a camp knife, a field kitchen knife …

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Bushcraft Survival Black With Integrated Fire Starter


You never know if and when you may find yourself in a survival situation. If that happens, you simply need to have proper equipment with you. Bushcraft Survival Black is a sturdy and strong knife with a 1/8-inch  (3.2 mm) thick blade. One side of the blade is very sharp and you can use the …

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