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Woodsman’s Pal | From Garrett Wade


First words that come to mind when you take Woodman’s Pal in your hand are: this is made to be used. It represents a combination of a machete and an axe, perfect for trimming and clearing bushes or cutting entangled vines. It will provide a feeling that you have a mighty multi-tool attached to your body. …

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UCO Madrona Hang-out Lantern


Getting a good bright lantern for camping can be quite a task. The crew over at UCO Gear has this item covered. Their Madrona Hang-out Lantern provides light where you need it and is perfect for lighting up your campsite. This lantern has three LEDs with the output of up to 300 lumens. It’s also versatile since …

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The Original Trip Tarp | Helps Organize Your Next Adventure


Everybody that has gone camping or hiking knows what it feels like to leave something important behind, or even to bring something unnecessary along that just adds extra weight. Well, a new idea aims to completely change the way that we pack for outdoor adventures. Introducing The Original Trip Tarp! Instead of just using a …

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Coleman Northern Nova Propane Lantern


Next time you need light for your campsite, why not go with the super bright solution like Coleman Northern Nova Propane Lantern? It’s perfect for the outdoors and with it, you’ll never have to use a flashlight again or struggle finding your things at night. The first thing to mention is definitely its power. It can produce 3000 …

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NEW! goTenna Mesh | Off-Grid Community Powered Cellular Communication Device


No Service? No Problem! Now you can create your own network and stay connected with others no matter where you roam. Introducing goTenna Mesh! – the world’s first completely off-grid, mobile, consumer ready mesh network. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. Whether you’re traveling overseas, spending time outdoors, attending a crowded event, or preparing for an emergency, …

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Patagonia Hybrid Sleeping Bag


When you’re going hiking, camping or especially alpine climbing, the less gear you have to carry, the better. This is why it’s crucial for your equipment to be light and very portable. The Patagonia Hybrid Sleeping Bag is by no means heavy. Actually, with 17.3 oz it weighs less than half when compared to other sleeping bags you …

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KampRite Double TentCot | An Elevated Double Tent


Earlier last week, we mentioned a unique sleeping bag from the Land Down Under. This time around, we are bringing you something with just as much uniquity. Introducing the KampRite Double TentCot. The KampRite is unique in the fact that it functions much like the Australian ‘Swag’, but it is also elevated off the ground. …

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Smittybilt Foldable Shovel | Recovery Utility Tool For Cutting And Digging


Smittybilt Foldable Shovel is a military inspired Recovery Utility Tool (RUT). On the one hand, this compact shovel is very practical and on the other, rugged enough for the toughest jobs. First things first, let’s start with the edges. With two serrated edges, you can use it both for cutting and digging. The blade is made …

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Kodiak Canvas | Canvas Swag Tent W/ Sleeping Pad


A couple of years ago, on a journey through Australia, we came across an interesting invention. That invention was called a “Swag”, by the Aussies. It was, without a doubt, one of the most comfortable camping experiences we have ever had. Luckily for us, we found one on Amazon and it’s called the Kodiak Canvas …

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Ka-Bar Tactical Spork


Whenever you have the word tactical, it makes everything sound awesome. That certainly does include the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork, that you should definitely not leave at home while out an about. Compact, durable and easy to use, the Ka-Bar is, essentially, a survival tool. At first glance, it only looks like a spork, but the …

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