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Solo Stove Bonfire | The World’s Most Unique Fire Pit


Do you remember the cool camping Solo Stove we featured a while ago? Well, now the same crew brings us something a bit different. Solo Stove Bonfire is currently being funded on Kickstarter and as they say, it’s the world’s most unique fire pit. The Solo Stove Bonfire features a minimal design and is great for when you’re …

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InstaFire Eco-Friendly Granulated Fire Starter


Whenever you’re outdoors and want to light a fire, InstaFire Fire Starter will make it really easy to do so. Besides its ability to start a fire despite any weather condition, probably the best part about it is that it’s environmentally friendly. This fire starter doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or vapors but leaves a refreshing pine …

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Building a fire out in the open can be a messy, complicated and dangerous business – but we still need to do it from time to time on our camping trips and BBQ sessions, don’t we? Well, with Burnie Portable Campfire, you no longer need to search for perfect fireside spots, haul hefty portable gas …

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Are you a fan of camping? It has never been this easy, with brand new Campfire in a can. This great invention will light a fire anywhere you need it to be, and will keep on burning no matter what happens. Sounds amazing enough? Well, you still haven’t seen anything. Since the first idea developed, this …

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