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What to Look for when Buying a Used Campervan

Staycations have become increasingly popular since the pandemic has disrupted global travel in a big way. Instead of booking flights to Spain, people are exploring home-grown locations and beauty spots, such as Cornwall, Wales, and the Lake District. Purchasing a campervan makes a lot of sense if you plan to travel around the UK rather …

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Native Campervans | Vanlife Adventure Tours

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If you’re planning a getaway, what better to do than to drive around in a campervan, explore and have a comfy place to stay at. But owning one is not actually the cheapest option and if you’re not using it often for camping, it will just sit in your garage. This is why Native Campervans, …

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VW California Camper Van


For those who love long road trips, camper vans have always been a good option.  It provides much-needed comfort and safety throughout all those long journeys, so picking the right “house on wheels” can be a tough task. The California Camper Van by Volkswagen comes in 2 options. The “Beach” model that has a 102 …

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