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The 5 Best Camping Lanterns

For your next camping trip, make sure to bring a good lantern. What are the main features you should consider? First, is its power and brightness modes. You’d probably want it for more than one mode since you’ll need it for more than one purpose. Then there’s portability and construction. You need a lantern that’s …

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UCO Madrona Hang-out Lantern


Getting a good bright lantern for camping can be quite a task. The crew over at UCO Gear has this item covered. Their Madrona Hang-out Lantern provides light where you need it and is perfect for lighting up your campsite. This lantern has three LEDs with the output of up to 300 lumens. It’s also versatile since …

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Coleman Northern Nova Propane Lantern


Next time you need light for your campsite, why not go with the super bright solution like Coleman Northern Nova Propane Lantern? It’s perfect for the outdoors and with it, you’ll never have to use a flashlight again or struggle finding your things at night. The first thing to mention is definitely its power. It can produce 3000 …

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Streamlight Siege AA Lantern


Streamlight Siege AA Lantern is very compact and portable, perfect for when you don’t have plenty of space but want to illuminate large areas. It uses classic AA alkaline batteries that are very affordable and provides a soft but even 360° light distribution. With Streamlight Siege AA Lantern, you can choose between different modes. First of …

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CampGuard Perimeter Security Camping Lantern | By Bright Path LED


How do you keep your camp safe in the middle of the night when everybody is asleep? If you thought a lantern could never do that job, you were terribly wrong. CampGuard serves both as a typical lantern but also as a motion and security system for your camp. CampGuard features an advanced motion detection system …

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BioLite BaseLantern


Here at jebiga, we featured a lot of great gear from the guys at BioLite. Now, they launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest invention, the BaseLantern. It’s a flatpack lantern that uses Bluetooth connectivity to light big areas and even charge your phone. The BaseLantern is very compact and easily portable. It can basically fit into …

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Nothing beats a good, old lantern when it comes to efficiently illuminating your surroundings and no lantern beats the Black Diamond Moji Lantern. The Moji Lantern will surprise you with its powerful 100 lumens light output. And with its 6 meter diameter, everything around this lantern will be easy to see. It will definitely come …

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Having a decent light source in a state of emergency or when simply going camping is pretty important but there are always issues with lanterns and torches, either with their size and weight or their battery life. Luckily, there is now a compact light which is solar powered and weighs next to nothing, the LuminAID …

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It can be a real bugger when you’re alone outdoors with your cell phone battery dying and all the lights going out in the face of the approaching night. Well, you need not worry about the dangers lurking in the dark any longer, with Lighthouse 250 by Goal Zero. Packing both a powerful LED lantern …

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