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VHS Camcorder App For Iphone


Technology has evolved rapidly in the past decade. We can now have everything we need on our iPhone or other smartphones. We have a camera, a camcorder, radio, video, audio player and so much more, all that in one tiny device. That was unimaginable back in the 80’s. But camcorders from that time had something …

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Lack of 4K material is a problem for all buyers who opted to purchase 4K televisions which make the most of this resolution that is up to 4 times better than the best commonly found sets. Until 4K resolution becomes standard, Sony provided the buyers with the opportunity to create their own 4K footage. First …

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Sony’s new camera called the FDR-AX1 4K is proof that Sony is more about essence and less about appearances. Not that the looks are bad, mind you. While the FDR-AX1 highly resembles one of the previous Sony products – namely the HDR-AX200 – it is a whole new camcorder that differentiates itself by its capabilities rather …

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