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7 Cabin and Off-Grid Living Books

Fall is the time to think about cozy forest retreats and warm cabins. Even if you don’t have a chance to visit one, there is always an option to cuddle up with a great book and get inspired for your next getaway. We made a selection of 7 Cabin and Off-Grid Living Books you should check …

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11 Cozy Cabins For The Perfect Forest Getaway

Today we’re gathering cozy cabins in the woods that you can either buy or rent. They are all about the retreat, exploration and getting in touch with nature. Check them out. 1 – Ark Shelter Cabins Ark Shelter is a company that creates cabins that are environment-friendly since they have little impact on the surrounding …

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Ustaoset Cabin

Located 3,500 feet above the sea level and situated somewhere between Oslo and Bergen stands Ustaoset Cabin. This is truly a remote location since there are no roads leading to it and all the materials had to be transported by a helicopter. But the construction difficulties didn’t stop there. This altitude is surrounded with slow-growing vegetation …

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Free Spirit Spheres In British Columbia


Nestled in a forest on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, you’ll find Free Spirit Spheres. They provide a unique natural retreat that allows you to reconnect with the peaceful surrounding while staying in a suspended orb. According to Tom Chudleigh, the mastermind behind it, staying in one of these spheres should be on everybody’s bucket list. Free …

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Balnarring Retreat | By Branch Studio Architects

The interesting thing about designing an interior is that it can be anything you can think of. In case of the Balnarring Retreat, the idea was that each wall and the entire space all together can be turned into a variety of functions in no time, from a private residence all the way to a knitting studio …

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Micro Cabin | By Larocque Elder Architects

A while ago we wrote about a minimalistic reading cabin in upstate New York. There’s one more like it, perfect for relaxing, enjoying nature and taking a break in a cozy atmosphere. Micro Cabin is located in Ontario and stands in harmony with the environment surrounding it. Micro Cabin has only 98 square feet and is situated …

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Arthur’s Cave | A Pop-Up Hotel In Wales

As a part of Epic Retreats – Wales Year of Legends 2017 campaign, new hotels will pop-up on three different locations and in eight designs. Not a lot of people will get a chance to enjoy the Welsh landscape, in fact, less than 200. One of the hotels- Arthur’s Cave, is inspired by the story of King …

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Delaware River Valley’s Milk Barn

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Located just two and a half hours from New York City and nestled in Delaware River Valley, the Milk Barn is a perfect weekend getaway. It was first built back in 1873 but was later renovated for over a period of thirty years. Finally, in the mid-nineties, it got the looks it has today. The barn was …

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Flat-Packed Cabins From The Backcountry Hut Company


Inspired by the IKEA philosophy of creating affordable and good-looking products, Canadian Backcountry Hut Company started producing flat-packed cabins for outdoor enthusiasts. Besides the great design, the best part is that it allows residents to build the cabin for themselves. You get all the parts of the cabin and then proceed to assemble it on the …

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Float Watershed Writing Studio

Float Watershed is a small studio in the Willamette Valley, in Oregon. With a 100 square feet, it was designed to be a writing studio for a philosophy professor with a love for nature. She was the one who actively participated in the design, together with her daughter, the designer. It’s both her retreat and a studio …

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