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11 Cozy Cabins For The Perfect Forest Getaway

Today we’re gathering cozy cabins in the woods that you can either buy or rent. They are all about the retreat, exploration and getting in touch with nature. Check them out. 1 – Ark Shelter Cabins Ark Shelter is a company that creates cabins that are environment-friendly since they have little impact on the surrounding …

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Micro Cabin | By Larocque Elder Architects

A while ago we wrote about a minimalistic reading cabin in upstate New York. There’s one more like it, perfect for relaxing, enjoying nature and taking a break in a cozy atmosphere. Micro Cabin is located in Ontario and stands in harmony with the environment surrounding it. Micro Cabin has only 98 square feet and is situated …

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Flat-Packed Cabins From The Backcountry Hut Company


Inspired by the IKEA philosophy of creating affordable and good-looking products, Canadian Backcountry Hut Company started producing flat-packed cabins for outdoor enthusiasts. Besides the great design, the best part is that it allows residents to build the cabin for themselves. You get all the parts of the cabin and then proceed to assemble it on the …

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Float Watershed Writing Studio

Float Watershed is a small studio in the Willamette Valley, in Oregon. With a 100 square feet, it was designed to be a writing studio for a philosophy professor with a love for nature. She was the one who actively participated in the design, together with her daughter, the designer. It’s both her retreat and a studio …

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Ark Shelter Prefabricated Cabins


Ark Shelter is a company that designs prefabricated cabins. Because of its mobile foundations, you can place the cabin wherever you like, giving you unlimited possibilities. You also don’t have to worry about equipping it since they provide everything- from cooking equipment, furniture, even bed linings. Ark Shelter Cabins have zero impact on the surrounding nature. The …

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The Hinterland: Cabins, Love Shacks And Other Hide-Outs


This time of the year is perfect for thinking about warm and cozy cabins and planning your outdoors retreat. If you’re looking to get away from a busy and stressful lifestyle and want to get an inspiration for it, we strongly recommend you check out this book. The name is The Hinterland: Cabins, Love Shacks And Other …

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The Woodman’s Treehouse


The Woodman’s Treehouse is a perfect retreat that blends the natural environment with the luxurious experience. It’s available from this summer for all the guest interested in staying. Because it’s beautifully crafted, no wonder guests often describe this magical setting as ‘Utopia’. This treehouse sits 30ft high amongst the branches of three oak trees. Because of …

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Viggso Cabin Stands On An Island In The Stockholm Archipelago

Viggso Cabin is a family retreat standing right next to the coast in the eastern part of Sweden. It got its name after the island where it’s located. This minimalistic timber-framed cabin is surrounded by pine trees and provides a magnificent view of the coast. The architects said that the goal with this cabin was to create …

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Studio Padron Cabin | Minimalistic Reading Cabin In Upstate New York

Studio Padron Architects created a tiny cabin in the woods, designed to be a small library and a guest house. The cabin is located in upstate New York and was built near the main vacation home. This black one-room cabin is very cozy, perfect for taking a break, reading and relaxing. It was built using oak trees …

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Thoreau Cabin | By CC-Studio

The thing that first comes to mind to many of us when mentioning Thoreau is him writing Walden while living in the woods, surrounded by nature and leading a simple life. So no wonder why CC-Studio went for the name Thoreau Cabin for their rebuilt shelter project. Thoreau Cabin is located in Noorderpark in Utrecht, the Netherlands and it was meant to replace the old 60’s …

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