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Mororo House | By Studio MK27

We recently wrote about a magnificent rainforest house located in Brazil. Now we have another one worth a mention, also constructed by Studio MK27 in a mountainous region of Brazil, 180 km from São Paulo. Despite Brazil’s hot temperatures, this part of the country is actually a bit chillier, never exceeding 20 degrees Celsius. This is why …

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Casa Na Mata | The Rainforest House By Studio MK27

The Brazilian rainforest may sound too exotic to some, but for Studio MK27 it’s an ideal location to build a magnificent structure- Casa Na Mata. This rainforest house is another great example of a perfect getaway, a house that blends in with the surrounding land. Casa Na Mata is located west of the Paulista shore in …

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Rio de Janeiro certainly takes after its namesake of being the ‘Marvellous City’ or better known in Portuguese as ‘cidade maravilhosa’; with its wide stretches of jungle covered hills, white sandy beaches, fascinating variations in architecture, mind-blowing festivals and a culture rich in complexity, Rio truly is a one of a kind city. Here are …

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There is absolutely nothing ordinary, generic or already seen about Brazil. This is a country known for its sexiness, southern temperament and joie de vivre, just like Ponta dos Ganchos resort in the southern part of Brazil where tropical vegetation is lush, shores beautifully wild and oyster farms scattered all around. Ponta dos Ganchos is …

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Edifício 360° in São Paulo, Brazil by Isay Weinfeld

Between the districts of Alto da Lapa and Alto de Pinheiros in São Paulo, Brazil, the Edifício 360° (meaning 360°Building in English) is located. Designed and built by , a Brazilian architect, with the help of Construtora Bárbara this structure won the “Overall Winner” prize by the Future Projects Awards. The main reason that makes …

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