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BRNLY SlingPop


If you think back to your childhood years, we can guarantee that you were outside exploring the world around you. You also got up to various forms of mischief for entertainment. Of course, as a source of hours of endless fun and the occasional broken window, you always had a slingshot in your arsenal. However, …

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Readyman EDC Defense Tool


There’s some pretty impressive EDC gadgets out there, but none that really specialize in self-defense. That, however, has changed, thanks to Readyman. Not only is this tool functional, but it was also designed by a Navy SEAL and a Krav Maga expert. This means that it was specifically manufactured to deter attackers. Introducing the Readyman …

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Izola 4-in-1 Bar Tool


If you haven’t heard of Izola yet, it’s a company that creates everyday objects and tools with a great design that are built to last. In the same manner, they constructed Izola 4-in-1 Bar Tool, a must have addition to your home bar. Next time you have friends over, show your bar skills using just …

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G-Clamp Bottle Opener


We all know that whilst working on that project in your garage, that you will get thirsty. Well, at least we know that we do. Working on your own project has a certain satisfaction that is difficult to explain, but a brew makes it even better. However, chances are that finding a bottle opener in …

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Yeti Brick Bottle Opener


Yeti constantly tries to make your beer drinking experience better. They have great coolers to keep the beer ice cold. Now, there’s one more thing for beer lovers- Yeti Brick Bottle Opener. Yeti suggests you think about it as a trophy bar accessory. Opposite to small, light and plastic beer openers, this one is quite heavy. It …

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Chapstick Holder | by Screwpop Tools


We all know how frustrating it can be to have dry and cracked lips, fortunately however, we do have remedies such as the Chapstick but with it comes another problem. They’re easy to lose and it’s a pain to dig around in your pockets when you need relief. Luckily, the minds at Screwpop Tools came …

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Luchador Bottle Opener | By Kikkerland


If you can make opening a bottle of beer more interesting than it is, why not do it? Check out this cool gadget, especially if you’re a fan of wrestling. Luchador Bottle Opener is inspired by Mexican wrestlers, called luchadores. What makes them recognizable is the colorful mask they wear. You can get three luchadores, each applying …

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Having an easily accessible tool can mean a lot under extreme circumstances, which is why having a small folding blade can be important. And if that blade comes with a few other features, all the better. One such folding blade is the Heinnie Haynes Carabiner Knife. This razor sharp blade will definitely come in handy …

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Finally, an invention that we all need in the kitchen regardless of the level of our bottle/can/jar opening skills. We bet that there have been many a time where you just couldn’t get that wine bottle open quickly enough or you pinched yourself with the flimsy opener that you use to pop your beer caps …

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Ahoy there, mates! Adjust your sails, hoist the anchor and as rowdy pirates put it, grab yourself a ’Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!’ – a decapitated one, preferably. If you’re a mean contemporary pirate who just likes to flip some corks and bottle caps in your spare time, you’re bound to love this little …

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