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National Parks Book And Posters | By Anderson Design Group


Inspired by USA’s National Parks, Anderson Design Group created a beautiful book, as well as numerous posters. This series is made to commemorate the upcoming 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service but also to give you new ideas for the holiday season. The Illustrated National Parks Book is a full-color hardcover coffee table book. It includes …

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from $11.99|

In the never-ending pursuit of happiness most of us end up trapped behind a desk, doing work which we might or might not enjoy with more or less the same result: getting stuck in a rut. Some of us are courageous enough to step out of this world and enter one that involves rolling up …

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Christmas Gift Guide | 8 Books Of The Year

Today we are looking back at 2017 and talking about some of the best books that were released. This list of 8 books we made can be a useful resource for finding the perfect book, either one you would like to read yourself or use the occasion and give it to a loved one. Luckily, …

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7 Cabin and Off-Grid Living Books

Fall is the time to think about cozy forest retreats and warm cabins. Even if you don’t have a chance to visit one, there is always an option to cuddle up with a great book and get inspired for your next getaway. We made a selection of 7 Cabin and Off-Grid Living Books you should check …

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Jebiga Finds Of The Week

We wouldn’t want you to miss a thing this week. This is why we are dedicating this article to new and trending lifestyle items. Check out our Finds Of The Week list below. 1 – Hub Grill By Everdure This week everyone is talking about the Hub Grill. It’s packed with plenty of useful features like its ability …

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7 Books To Take To The Beach With You

Just like you carefully choose your summer vacation destination and pay attention to what you’re bringing along, you should plan which books to pack. Today, we’re talking about 7 summer reads that won’t make you bored on the beach and will give you more topics to discuss in a poolside casual conversation. 1 – Neil …

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Inspiring Coffee Table Books (Part 2)

Last week we started off with the list of inspiring coffee table books. After finding so many great editions we wanted to share with you, we decided to make a sequel and bring you more ideas. Check them out below. 1 – Humans of New York We are starting with one of the most popular coffee …

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Inspiring Coffee Table Books (Part 1)

The books you keep in your living room can be a subtle statement and an easy way to start a conversation when you have friends or ladies over. Having books on a display also gives a personal touch to your home. Some people just buy them to fill space, but if you appreciate this art …

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Walt Whitman’s Guide to Manly Health and Training


You might not know this, but American poet Walt Whitman did a series of 13 newspaper columns back in 1858. This may not seem like a big deal until you find out they were about manly health and training. The columns were discovered recently, after 150 years and are now available to read in this awesome …

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