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Pavilion Speaker | By Hult Design


The first thing you’ll notice about Hult Design’s Pavilion Speaker is how sleek and modern it looks. It’s no wonder they consider it a piece of art. Of course, this speaker wouldn’t be so popular if it weren’t for its superior sound. Don’t you just love it when a device has both the looks and the …

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JmGO G1 Smart Home Projector


JmGO G1 Smart Home Theater is an amazing device that will allow you to watch high definition videos projected onto any flat surface. It’s not just a projector, but a media streaming device and a Bluetooth speaker. JmGO G1 Smart Home Theater has a native resolution of 1280 x 800, supports 4K Ultra HD videos and Active …

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Signal Corps | By BoomCase


If you’re sick and tired of replacing the 12 “D” batteries in your boombox, you’re not the only one. Back in 1999, the BoomCase company was founded with a goal to build portable battery-powered speaker systems and they’ve been doing it ever since. Their latest product is the Signal Corps by BoomCase. This speaker system …

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The JmGO View Smart Portable Theater

from $449|

The JmGO View is a portable projector, 3D theater, HiFi Bluetooth speaker and a big-screen gaming portal that you can put in your backpack. It can project onto any white flat surface with HD 1280×720 resolution. The JmGO View is made from a full aluminium casing carved into a slim cylindrical shape. With its full metal casing this …

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Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System


Bluetooth speakers are extremely popular these day mostly because they’re so practical. You can easily hook up your phone or a tablet with the speaker and you’ll hear your favorite song in no time. We present you the Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System. Besides 6 drivers, this Bluetooth speaker also features a built-in …

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LSTN Satellite Bluetooth Speaker


Everyone heard about that sentence that big things come in small packages. LSTN Satellite Bluetooth Speaker is just like that- extraordinary sound quality and little package. It provides balanced tones, highs and bass and a full range sound. LSTN Satellite Bluetooth Speaker has one 5w driver placed inside the wood housing. With a very nice design and …

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Amazon Echo | Easily The Most Exciting Product Of The Year (VIDEO)


Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth, smart home device with voice control that will make your life easier and a little bit more fun. It’s very similar to the famous Siri on the iPhone, or Cortana on Windows phones, but this smart speaker offers some new, exciting options along with elegant design for your home. Amazon …

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$ 179.99|

Scosche designed a new amazing go-anywhere Bluetooth speaker for bicycles that fits into most water bottle and cup holders. It is the latest addition to the BoomBOTTLE speaker family called BoomBOTTLE+. The sleek, rugged body, shaped like a bottle, houses a Omni-directional speaker cone that is capable of sending music in every direction through its …

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Having a compact and powerful Bluetooth speaker is great because it can be easily carried around and provides you with amazing sound quality. However, as it is summer and beach and other outdoor parties are something that you would probably enjoy, you will need something that packs a punch but is still portable. A perfect …

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A decent and well-designed portable Bluetooth speaker is a useful gadget to have, but if you really like to take it on trips in the outdoors, then you’ll need something that can take a bit of beating. With the Braven BRV-Pro, you will get exactly that, an immensely durable Bluetooth speaker. As a huge plus, …

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