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Caswell “Morphing Karambit” Premium Utility Knife


We scoured Kickstarter and stumbled upon a new project that was released just days ago. Caswell “Morphing Karambit” is an innovative blade made in California and designed to bring you function and safety. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. Traditionally used as an agricultural tool, this curved blade (also known as Karambit) can be useful for self-defense but …

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Ontario SP8 | 10-Inch Survival Machete


When going on a camping trip, or a bush trek, one needs something that cuts away at anything from foliage. However, it also needs to transform into a weapon, if the need be. Something like this should also be a part of your survival kit. A cutting tool is essential. Thankfully for us, the Ontario …

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Shinola Titanium Pocket Knife | A Collaboration With Benchmade


We all know that in the personal gear that a man should own, there has to be a knife. Well, if you’ve heard the slogan, “It’s not a knife. It’s a Benchmade.”, you know that it is a quality blade. In a recent collaboration between Shinola and Benchmade, we are proud to present their 765 …

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Boker Plus Urban Trapper | A Gentleman’s Pocket Knife


We all know that a must have accessory for every man is a decent blade. Be it a small and unique knife for self-defense, or a full-fledged tactical knife, or, as this case may be, the Boker Plus Urban Trapper. The Boker Urban Trapper is, essentially, a slim and stylish knife that was designed with …

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Gator Machete | By Gerber Gear


Gerber’s Gator Machete is a great thing you can use in the wilderness or in the backyard, since it’s a dual purpose machete. On the one side there’s a 15-inch fine-edge blade and on the other, a 18-inch high performance saw blade. Gator Machete has an excellent grip since the handle is covered with a rubber. …

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from $48.00|

In order to avoid that annoying key jingle and time consuming search for the right keys, Bryce Alexander, an inventor and designer, has created something that can easily become an indispensable everyday tool. The Mini Q Key Organizer is a product which effectively replaces your keychain by storing your keys using the same principle behind …

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What’s the one thing you should never forget to bring along as you’re leaving home? That’s right, the key. But then, there’s other stuff you’ll probably need when you’re braving the big hostile outdoors, like a bubble gum pack or a small utility knife. Well, you can get that gum in almost any store in …

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When out braving the wild, it’s often not the size but the skill that matters. The same goes for blades: if used deftly, even the smallest knife can save your life. The folks at Gerber apparently know that well, too, judging by their latest gear bit: made to serve a range of purposes and last …

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When you need to use a knife for different purposes, you will want it to be extra sharp and able to cut through just about anything. Now, with the Kiridashi Knife you can have the ultimate and most effective cutting experience. Kiridashi Knife is a traditional Japanese item and it is made in Japan, so by buying …

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