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What Can You Actually Do with Bitcoin In 2020?

Since Bitcoin first emerged in 2009, it has gone from being an obscure curiosity to a technology that everyone knows about. Even if you have no idea how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work, you have almost certainly heard of at least some of its supposed benefits. To listen to Bitcoin’s most vociferous proponents, you would …

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Experty – Decentralized Knowledge Exchange

As cryptocurrencies are starting to get recognized as a payment form, it is expected to get to mass adoption in just a few years. You can read everywhere about the importance and popularity of bitcoin and blockchain. Many industries are trying to implement it to their business models, allowing the technology to grow. Besides bitcoin, we …

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22 Cryptocurrency Books And Online Courses To Get You To Start Trading

Since Bitcoin went live in 2009, it started a slow revolution on how we perceive the economy and money. The ability to invest in digital currencies has never been so accessible, but not many people understand the basic principles of how the technology works. A while ago, we wrote about Everything You Need To Know About …

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Shift | First Bitcoin Visa Debit Card In The USA


Bitcoin recently became a very popular solution regarding online shopping and payments, but those transactions could always get a little bit tricky, up until now. We present you The SHIFT card, a bitcoin debit card that will remove all the trickiness from your online and offline transactions.

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