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Litelok | A Light And Flexible Bike Lock


Litelok is a bike lock that’s a bit different that those we usually see. First of all, with 2.4 lbs it’s lighter than most bike locks you can get on the market. Equally important is its strength. Litelok can withstand over 5 minutes of attack with common theft tools. Unlike steel locks, Litelok uses composite synthetic fibers that are flexible, …

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Keeping your bike safe in ever-busy modern-day cities is becoming increasingly difficult as the number of bike thieves is constantly increasing – but cycling enthusiasts need not worry now that TiGR Lock has arrived. Unlike most other bike locks out there, TiGR adds no extra weight to your ride but it’s still strong enough to …

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If you ever had your pricy bike stolen, you’re quite familiar with that obnoxious pang in your gut and the trouble and unpleasantries you might have gone through when reporting the theft. Well, then you’ll be glad to hear that there in fact is an ongoing project that promises no more bike thefts – with …

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The so called Skylock is a team of people gathered together with an idea of creating simple, yet elegant and very useful products that would be able to change the way people interact among themselves and with their environment. Their breaking product is this wonderfully designed Bluetooth-enabled bike lock that is very helpful to urban …

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If you are an avid cyclist, one of the things that you are probably constantly searching for are good, reliable locks. Have a look at Hiplok D and tell us whether this lock has absolutely everything you need. Developed by company Plus 8 Industries Ltd, Hiplok D is a combination of a high quality chain …

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