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Flectr | Ultra Effective Wheel Reflectors


Flectr is a wheel reflector that’s specially designed to improve safety for cyclists. When you compare it to the other ones you can find on the market you’ll learn that Flectr is able to provide both extremely good aerodynamics and great levels of reflection. The shape of Flectr is designed to avoid air drag and was tested with incident flow velocities …

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10 Best All Season Bike Lights

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If you enjoy winter cycling, you’ll need all the information on how to get the best out of it. We made a guide with tips and tricks on how to best survive and get motivated for winter cycling. Having the proper equipment is a big part of the list, especially having good bike lights. Keeping …

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Knog LED Bike Lights


Those of you who don’t enjoy winter cycling are probably glad that spring is here. Get that bike out, clean it and head out on the road. Of course, keeping yourself protected and safe is the goal, so making the bike visible by night is extremely important. There are plenty of bike lights available and …

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Having concerns about low visibility and road safety as you roam the streets on your bike after sundown? No need to worry any longer, with LED Bike Wheel Lights by MonkeyLectric fresh on the market. Consisting of a bright set of 10 full-color graphic LEDs, the MonkeyLectric wheel lights easily strap to the spokes of …

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