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Ortlieb Bike Packs


Sometimes it’s difficult to carry all the necessities when riding a bike. And we all know you need quite a lot of stuff if you’re going bike packing. Sure, the whole point is to pack light, but things like sleeping bags and tents do take space. Even if you’re not spending the night outdoors, there are still some things …

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Topeak Ninja C Chain Tool


No matter what the weather is, you can always hit the road. It’s all about having the proper equipment that will keep your bike working properly. Topeak Ninja C Chain Tool is one of those pieces of equipment you should own so you can take care of your bike yourself. Topeak Ninja C Chain Tool can …

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Flectr | Ultra Effective Wheel Reflectors


Flectr is a wheel reflector that’s specially designed to improve safety for cyclists. When you compare it to the other ones you can find on the market you’ll learn that Flectr is able to provide both extremely good aerodynamics and great levels of reflection. The shape of Flectr is designed to avoid air drag and was tested with incident flow velocities …

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OMATA One | Analog GPS Speedometer


We have something cool for bike lovers that have a preference for the old fashion. OMATA One is the GPS Speedometer that will show the necessary information in an analog way. If you don’t understand why such a modern technology like GPS would be displayed in an analog way, you should know it’s like that because it’s easier to …

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Lezyne Micro HP Floor Pump | Compact and Super Light Bike Pump


We all know that keeping your tires in good condition is the key for having a good ride. For all bike lovers out there who want to take care of their bike, having a good pump is essential. Leyne developed a pump that is super-efficient and small, just like a hand pump. Micro HP Floor …

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The Velo Champion Multifunction Bike Tool is the Swiss Army Knife of bike multitools, both in terms of design and amazing functionality. The Velo Champion is equipped with enough tools for a cycling enthusiast to disassemble and reassemble without taking it to a shop or using any type of tool on the side. With 18 …

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