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Tex-Lock | High-Tech Textile Bike Lock

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If you’re a cyclist, chances are that you’re worried about the security of your bicycle. However, conventional locks and chains are bulky, they are heavy, and they tend to scratch the paint on your bicycle. Thanks to a new invention and innovation, that is no longer a problem. Thanks to the Tex-Lock, we have a …

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Litelok | A Light And Flexible Bike Lock


Litelok is a bike lock that’s a bit different that those we usually see. First of all, with 2.4 lbs it’s lighter than most bike locks you can get on the market. Equally important is its strength. Litelok can withstand over 5 minutes of attack with common theft tools. Unlike steel locks, Litelok uses composite synthetic fibers that are flexible, …

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Along with a sturdy helmet and the must-have tool kit, most cyclists will agree that some sort of safety lock is pretty important to have. No one wants their bike to get stolen and you know what people say, better safe than sorry. In light of this, we are presenting you with the ABUS Bordo …

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Bikes are a great mode of transport – they’re environmentally friendly, beneficial for your health, as well as highly affordable and relatively fast. The only problem is they get stolen quite a lot in big cities so you’d better keep an eye out on your two-wheeler 24/. But what if your bike just can’t fit …

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