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Flectr | Ultra Effective Wheel Reflectors


Flectr is a wheel reflector that’s specially designed to improve safety for cyclists. When you compare it to the other ones you can find on the market you’ll learn that Flectr is able to provide both extremely good aerodynamics and great levels of reflection. The shape of Flectr is designed to avoid air drag and was tested with incident flow velocities …

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OMATA One | Analog GPS Speedometer


We have something cool for bike lovers that have a preference for the old fashion. OMATA One is the GPS Speedometer that will show the necessary information in an analog way. If you don’t understand why such a modern technology like GPS would be displayed in an analog way, you should know it’s like that because it’s easier to …

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Cycliq Fly6 | The First Taillight And HD Action Cam For Your Bike


Cycling in urban areas has unfortunately become a dangerous pastime while the accidents involving cyclists are on the rise. This is just one, albeit very important, reason why small action cameras have become a necessity for avid cyclists in this day and age. Gathering video evidence of dangerous driving, intimidation and abuse that cyclists endure …

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10 Best All Season Bike Lights

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If you enjoy winter cycling, you’ll need all the information on how to get the best out of it. We made a guide with tips and tricks on how to best survive and get motivated for winter cycling. Having the proper equipment is a big part of the list, especially having good bike lights. Keeping …

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Knog LED Bike Lights


Those of you who don’t enjoy winter cycling are probably glad that spring is here. Get that bike out, clean it and head out on the road. Of course, keeping yourself protected and safe is the goal, so making the bike visible by night is extremely important. There are plenty of bike lights available and …

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Shimano SH-MW7 Winter Bike Shoes


Cycling and mountain biking are two very popular sports and besides the proper bicycle, shoes are very important part of the equipment as well. Especially if you like to ride a bicycle during winter or rainy conditions. These SH-MW7 Winter Bike Shoes by Shimano are waterproof and completely insulated with Gore-Tex for comfort and protection from …

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Garmin Varia Vision | Cycling Smart Glasses


At CES 2016, Garmin introduced a new addition to their line of smart cycling devices. Varia Vision allows cyclists to increase road awareness by checking stats while keeping eyes on the road. This weather resistant device provides all the necessary information and keeps you focused on the road. Varia Vision can be attached to either the left …

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Winter Cycling Survival Guide | 22 Tips To Keep You Motivated

For many of us who love cycling, the season is over when winter arrives. Yes, it’s really nice to ride your bike when the weather is perfect, but you can also enjoy cycling in the winter. First of all, it will make you get out of your house, get some physical activity, embrace the cold weather, avoid …

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Lezyne Micro HP Floor Pump | Compact and Super Light Bike Pump


We all know that keeping your tires in good condition is the key for having a good ride. For all bike lovers out there who want to take care of their bike, having a good pump is essential. Leyne developed a pump that is super-efficient and small, just like a hand pump. Micro HP Floor …

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The Velo Champion Multifunction Bike Tool is the Swiss Army Knife of bike multitools, both in terms of design and amazing functionality. The Velo Champion is equipped with enough tools for a cycling enthusiast to disassemble and reassemble without taking it to a shop or using any type of tool on the side. With 18 …

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