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14 Best Gear For The Bike Commuter


Having a good bike for commuting is just the start. You will need plenty of other gear that will make the trip more efficient, safe and enjoyable. Today, we made a list of items that every bike commuter can find useful, whether it is essentials like good quality lights and locks, organization items like backpacks …

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Douchebags | The Trail Bike Travel Bag


We admit that the brand name did give us a chuckle, but their products are awesome. We all know that traveling with our bicycles can be a hassle, and there is always the fear of it getting damaged. Thanks to the Douchebags The Trail Bike Travel Bag, that will never be a problem again. Designed …

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Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT Computer


When looking for a cycling computer, you want something that is going to track all of your activities, obviously. However, something that is rarely taken into account is aerodynamics. Of course, a cycling computer is small, but almost all companies neglect the drag that can come from them. Introducing the Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT Computer, …

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Sidi Ghibli Cycling Shoe


As far as cycling goes, it’s an excellent sport, or form of transportation, that keeps you fit, tones your body, and increases your overall satisfaction. However, slippery pedals, and improper shoes, can be a real pain and hinder your progress. Thanks to the Sidi Ghibli Cycling Shoe that will no longer be a problem. Designed …

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Fabric FLR30 Bicycle Brake Light


Cycling is amazing exercise; it keeps you fit and toned. There is also nothing quite like cruising around on your cycle, the wind flowing over your face, and you feeling the power emanating from your legs. The one major downfall of bicycles is, unfortunately, motor vehicles on the road. Cyclists are sometimes difficult to see …

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Litelok | A Light And Flexible Bike Lock


Litelok is a bike lock that’s a bit different that those we usually see. First of all, with 2.4 lbs it’s lighter than most bike locks you can get on the market. Equally important is its strength. Litelok can withstand over 5 minutes of attack with common theft tools. Unlike steel locks, Litelok uses composite synthetic fibers that are flexible, …

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Topeak Ninja P Mini-pump


Every cyclist knows that keeping your tires in good condition is one of the most important things for a good ride. Topeak Ninja P Mini-pump is there to help you out if you’re caught in an unplanned situation since you can take it with you. This is achieved with it being very light and compact and of course, …

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Otto | Bicycle Derailleur Tuning System


Be it that you use a bicycle as transport, as a hobby, or as a sport, it is a necessity to have your bicycle tuned properly and functioning seamlessly. If you’ve been struggling with the gears and they just seem to never set right, then you’re definitely going to need the OTTO Bicycle Tuning System. …

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Ortlieb Bike Packs


Sometimes it’s difficult to carry all the necessities when riding a bike. And we all know you need quite a lot of stuff if you’re going bike packing. Sure, the whole point is to pack light, but things like sleeping bags and tents do take space. Even if you’re not spending the night outdoors, there are still some things …

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Topeak Ninja C Chain Tool


No matter what the weather is, you can always hit the road. It’s all about having the proper equipment that will keep your bike working properly. Topeak Ninja C Chain Tool is one of those pieces of equipment you should own so you can take care of your bike yourself. Topeak Ninja C Chain Tool can …

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