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Tempel Workbench

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Chances are that you have got a project going, or you’re thinking of starting one. Small projects are a great way to keep one motivated, and it gives you a feeling of accomplishment. However, as everyone knows, you need to have the proper tools for the job. Even though it might not seem like it, …

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WATER BENCH | BY MARS ARCHITECTS – Bench Collecting & Storing Rainwater

Water Bench is an outdoor piece of furniture which collects and stores rainwater, designed by MARS Architects, or more specifically, by Neville Mars, a lab team member and Shanghai-based urbanist architect. He was hired by the BMW Guggenheim Lab in order to participate in a project which would improve cities and urban environments. Since their …

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‘Fallen Tree‘ Bench By Benjamin Graindorge

Design Miami, which took place from June 11 to June 16, offered some outstanding ideas but young French designer Benjamin Graindorge’s ‘Fallen Tree’ bench really stood out. Basically it is a piece of furniture that is half tree, half bench. It has two constituent parts – oak wood and glass – which are perfectly combined …

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