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Beer Hot Tub | Stakenberg Brewery

What better way to get relaxed than to drink beer and hang out in a hot tub? Now imagine how would it feel if the hot tub was filled with beer. Pretty crazy. Stakenberg Brewery from Austria decided to use one of its fermenting vats and turn it into a small pool for beer lovers. There …

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New! Stanley Insulated Growler


Knowing just how important craft beer is, Stanley released a new high-quality product. Their Insulated Growler is very functional, looks cool and will allow you to transport your brew while keeping it cold. The body is BPA-free and made from stainless steel. This means it’s extremely durable and won’t rust. It also means that the …

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Wooden Beer Mugs | By Green Shield Workshop

from $56|

In order to bring your usual beer drinking routine to a completely different level, Green Shield Workshop makes unique Wooden Beer Mugs. Each mug is completely hand crafted from high-quality materials and assembled using the oldest barrel making techniques. To see how they’re made, check the video below. The mugs are made from walnut, oak or mahogany, …

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Scratch-Off 99 Bottles of Craft Beer Poster


Craft beer is getting more and more popular and the number of small breweries is increasing all over the world. We have something great for craft beer lovers who want to keep track of their drinking. The Scratch-Off 99 Bottles of Craft Beer Poster is a piece of hand-illustrated infographic art made by Pop Chart Lab. …

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Anchorhead Cold Brew Coffee

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Coffee and beer are maybe the two most popular and most consumed drinks all around the world, but no one tried to combine those two drinks into one, until now. For all the passionate coffee lovers and beer enthusiasts out there, we have something new and unique – Cold Brew Coffee by Anchorhead. It’s a …

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Hexcup | Hexagonal Beer Pong Cups


One of the best and most popular drinking games is definitely beer pong. It can liven up any party or a boring evening and rules to this game are well-known. Also, you need just three things to play it- a table, cups and ping pong balls. Of course, we don’t have to mention you’ll need a couple of …

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Hanskie Beer Glove | Keeps Your Hands Warm And Your Drink Cold


How many times you wanted a beer, but just the thought of your hands freezing while holding it made you abandon the idea? Hanskie Beer Glove is made just for that reason. It’s perfect for chilly evenings when you want to enjoy your favourite drink and don’t want your hands to freeze. Hanskie Beer Glove …

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Sempli Glasses | Crystal Glassware For Craft Beer

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Drinking by itself is already a lot of fun, but when you have a well-designed glass to drink your favorite beverage from, the experience is much better. These crystal glasses by Sempli will provide you with style and elegance while enjoying a beer or whiskey. “One size fits all” is not always a good or most …

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Luchador Bottle Opener | By Kikkerland


If you can make opening a bottle of beer more interesting than it is, why not do it? Check out this cool gadget, especially if you’re a fan of wrestling. Luchador Bottle Opener is inspired by Mexican wrestlers, called luchadores. What makes them recognizable is the colorful mask they wear. You can get three luchadores, each applying …

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2015 Christmas Gift Guide | Gadgets And Presents For Alcohol Lovers

Next in our 2015 Christmas Gift Guide series are some special and innovative gadgets and tools for all the alcohol lovers out there. You’ll find many cool things, from glasses, bottle holders and openers to ways for making booze in your home. Check out this list of 21 Gadgets And Presents For Alcohol Lovers 1 – …

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