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The World’s Top Beach Destinations

For most people, the dream of having a relaxing getaway on a white, sandy beach can be tricky to create when there are so many great countries and locations out there which you can choose to lay your head. From native beaches that hold a spark of familiarity to those scattered in the deepest corners …

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Summer Beach Essentials

Next time you’re off to the beach, make sure you bring along all the skin saving, attention-grabbing items no man can live without. We are helping you make a beach checklist so read along and don’t miss a thing! 1 – Onia Calder Trunks Onia creates versatile swimwear, with the Calder model being just one of the many. …

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7 Beach Hotels To Visit This Year

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You might not think about this right now, but it’s time to start planning your summer vacation. What better place to visit than a hotel that’s pretty much built right next to a beach. Today, we give you 7 exotic ideas, as seen on Design Hotels. 1 – Rockhouse Hotel, Jamaica Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica …

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If you always wanted to experience the benefits of owning a hot tub of your own, but could never afford one, there is now a more effective, and more affordable, alternative to it. The Hydro Hammock is the most peculiar combination of a hammock and hot tub which provides you with the enjoyment and relaxation …

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If you love to spend time on beaches either partying or just chilling, then you know all too well just how annoying sand and grit can be if it gets into your stuff, especially into your towel. Luckily, you can now forget all about that pesky beach sand because CGear has made something wonderful. CGear’s Sand-Free Multimat …

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