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LapPad | Mobile Workstation For Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets


One of the great things about laptops, apart from their compact size, is their flexibility and portability. You can work on a laptop from home, out of the office, at a different desk, in public transportation, outdoors, at a coffee shop… Wherever you are, your laptop follows. The only annoying thing is when you have …

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Quest Super Cruiser Bamboo Longboard Skateboard


Longboards keep getting more original, more technically advanced and more interesting looking. But before we introduce our longboard of choice today and for all you longboard ‘virgins’ out there, allow us to explain the difference between a skateboard and a longboard. The latter, as the name suggests, are longer than the typical skateboard, and while …

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With their woven bamboo chair, the innovative and creative Dutch designer duo Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen have given a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘nesting in the chair’. Their eco-friendly bamboo chair is plaited and weaved in a way that is widespread in Asian culture. The 24-cm-wide and 10-mm-thick bamboo strips are bent …

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Floating Bamboo Low Cost Houses by H & P Architects

Generally permanent flooding problem in South East Asia is a great peril for the people there, but Vietnamese design firm H&P Architects seems to have come up with the solution for dwelling. Their new Floating Bamboo Homes seem perfect for this area for many reasons, including practicality, sustainability and price. These homes are actually impervious …

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Kontum Indochine Cafe by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Kontum Indochine Café is a part of the hotel complex that lies next to the Dakbla River in Kontum City in Vietnam. The position of the hotel is enough to make it remarkable, since it is right next to the Dakbla Bridge, which is an entrance to the city, giving stunning views of the river …

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Pixel Table, by The Hague-based Studio Intussen, is synonymous with multi-functionality. This interactive table is made of 441 long bamboo cubes which, if pushed or pulled, can create many different looks. The table resembles a game of Jenga – push the blocks (bamboo cubes) in and make space for whatever you please. Since the cubes …

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