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Jebiga Finds Of The Week

Another week behind. Don’t miss anything with our Finds Of The Week section. 1 – Barebones Living Chopping Axe Barebones Living introduced a new Chopping Axe, made for handling wood in the mountains. The split blade is forged from 1055 high carbon steel. There’s the wooden handle with a 1/3” solid steel core and it secures the head with …

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Woodman’s Pal | Premium Military Axe Multi-tool


If you have ever been through a trek in the woods, you know how essential it is to have something to clear your way with. Of course, not just any old thing would do. You’re going to need something that is strong, durable, and has the ability to hack and slash even the densest brush. …

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Hardcore Hardware CTT-01 Tactical Tomahawk


If there is anything that every camper, outdoorsman and survivalist can agree on, it’s the fact that a well-built tomahawk is an exceptionally versatile tool. It’s small enough to transport easily, versatile enough to cut, chop, slice and pierce, and they tend to be durable. Well, if you were looking for an awesome tomahawk then …

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Victor Manitou 13″ Half Hatchet


With winter in full-force, we’re sure that you have your fireplaces blazing. Of course, to keep your fireplace stocked, you’re going to need a good axe. Or, as the case may be, a super comfortable and sharp half hatchet. Brought to you by Victor, the Manitou 13” Half Hatchet does not disappoint. Built to be …

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Timahawk | Multitool Survival Axe


We all know that if there is one necessity that you absolutely need for camping or in your bug out bag, it’s an axe. Be it that you are simply going on a camping trip, or that you simply need a decent axe for these winter months, we have just what you need. It’s not …

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Vario 2000 | A Virtually Indestructible Axe


If there is one thing that everybody needs this winter, or for camping trips, it’s an axe. However, when we look for an axe, we need something that is going to last a lifetime. Well, coincidentally, this is exactly what the Vario 2000 offers. Having a decent axe can be the difference between back breaking …

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Premium SOG Tactical Tomahawk | With Diamond Sharpener


When you’re out camping, or even just a collector, it’s always good to have a collection of cutting tools at your disposal such as proper knives and, on the other end of the spectrum, tomahawks. Tomahawks can serve a thousand different uses and when we come across a tomahawk like the SOG Tactical Tomahawk, we …

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Tops Micro Hawk Tomahawk Axe


Tops Knives is a company located in the Rocky Mountains, USA and they specialize in making EDC tools and blades handcrafted with the help of experienced Military and Law Enforcement operators. Tops Micro Hawk Tomahawk Axe is essentially a multi-tool that can be used as an axe, knife or a karambit. This everyday carry tool …

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Gerber Back Paxe II High Performance Axe


We have something great you can take to your next outdoor adventure. Gerber Back Paxe II High Performance Axe is small and almost indestructible. This mighty axe is made to be tough and provide you with the best performance. The axe has a stainless steel head and a glass filled nylon handle. With a handle like …

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With Leveraxe, you don’t have to be built like a lumberjack to split logs. It does the work for you. Its clever engineering and design give it 35 times the hitting force of a traditional axe. The brainchild of Finnish pensioner Heikki Kärnä, Leveraxe is a product conceived out of necessity and needs related to …

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