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ELF | The First Transparent Aroma Diffuser


Some time ago we wrote an article on aromatherapy, and how it is something that everybody should be doing, including men. Well, if you were you were looking for the perfect aromatherapy diffuser, then we have exactly what you are looking for! Introducing the ELF Transparent Aroma Diffuser! Pre-order from Indiegogo here. Designed to improve …

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NexGadget Ultrasonic Wood Grain Aromatherapy Diffuser


If you want to preserve your health and humidify the room, try using an essential oil diffuser. They have plenty of benefits and usually come with a cool design that can go with pretty much any interior. This is the case with this NexGadget Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser. NexGadget made sure this thing is super practical so besides …

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Ranger Station Candles | That Can Later Be Turned Into Whiskey Glasses


Ranger Station is a company that creates wilderness-inspired candle scents. Each one uses natural soy wax and a different mixture of essential oils and fragrances. Ranger Station Candles are hand made and poured into cool whiskey glasses you can later drink from. The idea came from the founder of the company, Steve Soderholm. He always struggled with finding …

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Aromatherapy For Men | No, It’s Not Only For Women

Aromatherapy is largely considered to be a feminine practice, but this is only a modern misconception. Tracing the roots of aromatherapy and essential oil use, we find that aromatherapy was as much, if not more so, a masculine practice rather than feminine. Links can be found in ancient China, Egypt, Rome, India and Greece with …

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Lumiere | Automated Essential Oil Diffuser

from $196|

Having an aromatherapy diffuser in your home has become a very popular thing, and for a good reason. Why wouldn’t you have your home all filled up with your favorite aroma? Maybe because you can take things to the next level with Lumiere, an automated essential oil diffuser. This diffuser is different from other similar …

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If we haven’t already made a convert to aromatherapy out of you, we are hoping that, with the following article, we will be, at least, one step closer. Pages and pages have been written about the benefits of aromatherapy. This is one of those wellness gems that takes care of all three parts of you …

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If you are looking for a treatment that soothes your body, mind and soul alike, aromatherapy is definitely one to consider. The benefits of using essential oils are too many to mention but here are the most important ones – aromatherapy alleviates anxiety, depression, fatigue, headaches, lung/sinus congestion, indigestion and muscle soreness, improves blood pressure …

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The Trillia Mina II is set apart from most modern aromatherapy oil diffusers by several things. The first one being that it is entirely handmade by highly skilled carpenters and glassblowers. Secondly, this diffuser is equipped with a state of the art, low-noise air pump which will help diffuse your favorite essential oil all over …

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The best way to turn your living or working space into a relaxing environment is to make the sounds, aromas and lights as soothing as possible. In order to achieve this you will need an aroma diffuser, specifically the Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser by Young Living which can do all of the above: fill your living …

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From Puzhen, a company which specializes in manufacturing aroma diffusers and essentials oils in order to give you a better and simpler living environment, comes the Sha Aroma Diffuser from their Five-Sense series. As the name of this series of products (Five-Sense) states, these aroma diffusers will engage all of your senses once you start …

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