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Terra! | The Grass Armchair


Furniture design undergoes constant innovation. The perfect example is Terra! – a grass armchair that was successfully funded on Kickstarter just a few days ago. Terra! armchair helps you stay in touch with nature in addition to it having a sustainable approach. It can grow in your backyard and garden and apart for sitting, it can become a part …

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When it comes to furniture design, art and design students and graduates have proven to be a fountain of good, even revolutionary ideas. Case in point, Tehila Guy, the designer of Anda Inflatable Chair which she created for her final project at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Guy is pushing the envelope …

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Quartz Armchair by CTRL ZAK and Davide Barzaghi

The Quartz Armchair is two in one – it has interesting looks and practical use. This piece of furniture is designed by the Greek design studio CTRL ZAK in the collaboration with Davide Barzaghi. It’s hard to tell whether the design of the Quartz Armchair is subtle, or just the opposite- aggressive. Inspired by nature, …

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Today, more often than not, people feel the need to withdraw, relax and contemplate in peace, in a calm and cozy environment, void of noise and distractions even in public areas, be it an office, airport, train station, museum… With this in mind, a British furniture and product designer Freyja Sewell created a personal cocoon she …

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OpenBook Armchair by British Design Studio TILT

An armchair, a bookshelf, a magazine rack, and a coffee table all rolled into one. We are talking about the OpenBook armchair, created by British design studio Tilt. The story how the OpenBook came about is quite an interesting one. Originally created for the Grade II listed buildings where any sort of intervention on the …

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If you want to buy a comfortable chair for the outdoors, you must give it the same forethought as you would when buying an indoor one. Ultimately, your goal is the same: you want an enjoyable and enticing space to unwind. If you prefer some trim, weather-resistant wood, comfort and class, Madera Teak Rope Armchair …

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